Featured Projects

Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall - Torbjørnsbu Gruver

Through a cultural heritage landscape consisting of three iron mines, the steel structure provides access to a series of incorporated viewing platforms. The project, which acts as an extension to Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall was officially opened in May 2018

Game of Life IV "Follies #1-4"

A series of four large scale cardboard installations for the exhibition "Game of Life IV: prospektkabinettet" at Krisitansand Kunsthall. The installations explore two key aspect of architecture: the effect of architecture as an object maniuplating the perceived field in which it is placed, and the semi-sublime effect of light beams gracing the interior surfaces of the floating cardboard structures.

Immitated Stream of Curiosities

A research by design project investigating the potential of architectural objects that blur the categorical boundaries of the culture / nature polarity.

Extension in Arendal

The extension provides a panoramic view to an excisting house where the original design of the house did not capitalize on the scenic beauty of the lush landscape draping down in front of the house towards the bay.



Apartment in Oslo

The apartment was stripped down to original state (1894) as a starting point for this project. Then a series of minimalist interventions were made, wall-/shelf system, bathroom with sliding door and a practical kitcen. Resulting in a "clearly 100+ year old building" at the same time as providing a higly flexible floor plan and thus a very functional appartment.




Collaborative project with Arkitekt Jonas Gunerius Larsen. The project was commissioned by Arendal kommune, and the aim was to create a distilled experience of the "skjærgård" (translates to rockyard). The "skjærgård" is best experienced from within the traditional wooden boat "sjekte" and the project creates a series of abstracted vessels in the form of wooden decks with wells as well as abstracted cast "svabergs", providing intimate spaces for groups of people to converse face to face, which is the one type of seating which is missing at the moment. The project also traffic flows with efficient routes for cars, bikes and pedestrians slightly withdrawn and a scenic route criss crossing thorough the "rockyard". 

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