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OSV. (2019 - )
osloBIENNALEN first edition
Økern, Oslo

Oslo Collected Works OSV., a collaboration with Jan Freuchen and Sigurd Tenningen, has set up its own sculpture pavilion at Økern, and in the course of the spring and autumn they will fill it with sculptures taken from public art collections, including the Oslo City Council art collection. At first they will be showing sculptures of animals. Then the exhibition will gradually grow as sculptures, also incorporating original works by the trio, with other shared features are set up in the pavilion. The project also features a series of publications available both in Norwegian and English.

OSV Library

OSV. library #1: Collection
OSV. bibliotek #1: Samling
OSV. bibliotek #3: Zooiologi
OSV. library #8: Sustainability and circulation
OSV. bibliotek #8: Bærekraft og sirkulasjon

OSV library #13: The Horizontal Monolith (Wedekind’s Discoveries)

OSV. bibliotek #13: Den horisontale monolitt (Wedekinds oppdagelser)  

Article by OSV. in the article:  Titaniske ansamlinger: kunst i offentlig rom-kappløpet

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