Traversatorie (2018)
Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall
Torbjørnsbu Gruver 

Traversatorie(2018) is a project driven by ideas of the vernacular; in-situ timeless objects that through narratives establish connections to the surroundings without resorting to imitation. The materiality of the project, which is largely structural steel, is a natural choice as a manifestation of the iron ore that was extracted from the mines. The choice of structural steel does not only resonate with the cultural history narrative, but also, more directly, with the landscape's color palette with natural occurences of iron ore in the indigenous rock. The shape and design of the project attempts to facilitate visual resonance in the landscape by echoing spaces and directions found in the topography. The project is structured around a clearly defined repertoire of architectural strategies where "elbows", "platforms", "stilts" and "paths" are distinct families of elements with individual consistent visual logics. At the same time, these logics are flexible enough to accommodate landscape variations technically, and as an architectural sequence, facilitate a tailored experience of both the cultural-historical landscape and the in-situ artworks. 

View from mine 1 "white worm"
Viewing platform 2
Elbow 2
Overview photo exterior
Viewing platform 2 and 3
"white worm"
"elbow 2"
Elbow 3 bridge
Elbow 3 bridge
Viewing platform 3
Viewing platform 1
View elbow 2 and viewing platform 3
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